Are Machines Conscious?


Even though neuroscience has made amazing advances, the origin of consciousness in humans — and its nature and processes — still remain largely unknown; the underlying physiological mechanisms of generating conscious beings are still not clearly understood. However, with the advances in brain mapping and neuroscience, we are perhaps much closer to finally understanding the fundamentals of consciousness in humans than ever before.

It is said that what we cannot create we do not understand. While the very nature of human consciousness is difficult to understand, there is an intense effort going on to build a conscious computer mind out of computer chips (now neuromorphic chips). Understandably, there are growing concerns and questions about building a conscious mind using neuromorphic chips when there is so little clarity about the human mind and the very nature of human consciousness.

Now, we can perhaps understand the human brain as a functional computer and compare it with …

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Last modified: March 21, 2019

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