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Salon Shampoo Brands Beware: One Small Company Is Turning the Industry on Its Shiny, Luxurious Head

Every woman knows that salon products – especially shampoo and conditioner – are better than mass-produced brands...

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8 Steps that Can Lead You to a More Fulfilling Life

There’s a reason people love the start of a New Year – or the first day of spring, or maybe the first day of...

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Do You Have Severe Bad Breath and Don’t Know It?

Most people don’t know that one-third of Americans suffer from halitosis (or severe bad breath). Really bad breath...

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Environmental Factors Contribute to Early Aging

Environmental factors that we can’t control can result in signs of early aging, impacting your skin (and overall...

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Ask the Wisdom to Live™ Experts: Hemorrhoid Help & Why Your Treatments Might Be Failing You

Q: What can be done to help prevent or lessen the discomfort of a hemorrhoid? A: Some basic guidelines can lessen your...

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