Ask the Wisdom to Live™ Experts: Hemorrhoid Help & Why Your Treatments Might Be Failing You


Q: What can be done to help prevent or lessen the discomfort of a hemorrhoid?

A: Some basic guidelines can lessen your chances of getting hemorrhoids. Drink 6–8 glasses of water each day and eat foods that are high in fiber (like whole grains, fruits and vegetables) to help you avoid straining during bowel movements.

Regular exercise helps to prevent constipation and added pressure on your veins. Long periods of standing or sitting (especially on the toilet) can also increase pressure on the veins in the anus, making hemorrhoids more likely.

If you’re already experiencing the discomfort of hemorrhoids, you should look for one of the few dual-action, multi-symptom products available over-the-counter.

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Q: What’s the strongest medication I can get without a prescription?

A: Witch hazel has been – and still is – a common ingredient in hemorrhoid creams, gels and wipes like Preparation H® and Tucks®. Witch hazel is an astringent that temporarily reduces inflammation, but it can also dry the tissue and cause irritation in an already sensitive area.

Phenylephrine HCl has become more widely used in hemorrhoid treatments because it is so effective at reducing swollen tissues – but it doesn’t deal with pain.

For pain relief, different anesthetic ingredients are used. Lidocaine is a powerful, effective pain reliever that doctors have used for decades.

Ideally, a product should contain more than one active ingredient for multi-symptom relief. That’s why experts like colon and rectal surgeons recommend RectiCare®, a brand that offers the Complete Hemorrhoid Care System. The system includes a cream and individually wrapped wipes.

Both of these contain the highest strength of lidocaine available without a prescription, as well as the highest concentration of phenylephrine HCl available without a prescription.


Q: Which type of hemorrhoid product is better: a cream or a wipe?

First off, the most important thing is to have your medication, whether it’s a cream or a wipe, available whenever you need it. What good is a product if you’re at work and your hemorrhoid treatment is in your medicine cabinet?

The creams are great for at-home use (when you have privacy), but a wipe can be a better option when you’re at work or traveling.

The wipes included in RectiCare Complete contain the highest concentrations of lidocaine and phenylephrine HCl available OTC, so they provide fast-acting, effective hemorrhoid relief. They’re also individually wrapped, so you can carry them with you discreetly no matter where you go.

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Inflamed hemorrhoids are a relatively common problem, especially as we age. Doctor-recommended RectiCare Complete offers medicated cream and wipes in one box, with all of the ingredients necessary for multi-symptom relief from pain, itching and swelling.

You can buy RectiCare Complete now wherever you shop, including CVS/pharmacy and Walgreens, or learn more at

If you have more questions about your condition or the treatments that can help, or your condition worsens, contact your doctor immediately.

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Last modified: January 31, 2018

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