Do You Have Severe Bad Breath and Don’t Know It?


Most people don’t know that one-third of Americans suffer from halitosis (or severe bad breath).

Really bad breath can be hard to detect if you’re the one who has it, while it’s obvious to everyone around you. The reason: you’re used to it. It’s easy to become nose blind to smells that you are around all the time. Outside of having an expensive device that measures the presence of sulfur gas, the only true way to know if you have bad breath is by asking someone you really trust.

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Mouthwash Companies’ Dirty Secret

Big brand mouthwashes don’t do much for severe bad breath because they attack the wrong cause: germs. They’ve convinced us that bacteria, or germs are to blame, but germs alone are only part of the problem. That’s why bad breath returns quickly after a rinse.

SmartMouth®, the pioneers of many 12-hour fresh breath products, have discovered that germs are only a small part of the bad breath equation.

Germs consume the proteins in your mouth, and the byproduct is stinky sulfur gas. Sulfur is the real cause of bad breath, and just killing germs won’t get rid of it. Germs quickly multiply, and they start producing sulfur gas again – which is why traditional mouthwashes only work for an hour or so – and do very little for serious bad breath.

The Science of Solving Bad Breath All Day

The oral health experts at SmartMouth have developed a unique two-liquid oral rinse that neutralizes the production of sulfur gas. The two liquids mix when you pour from the bottle, activating the sulfur-fighting formula instantly.

Once activated SmartMouth releases billions of zinc ions, preventing germs from ingesting protein and creating sulfur gas. This eliminates and prevents bad breath and halitosis before it starts – for a full 12 hours after each rinse.

Whether you struggle with halitosis or everyday bad breath, this scientific breakthrough can finally alleviate the embarrassing bad breath that makes you self-conscious. When rinsing before bed, SmartMouth even prevents morning breath, a problem that everyone experiences.

Rinsing in the morning and at night with SmartMouth Oral Rinse will stop your bad breath for 24 hours. SmartMouth has three different formulas for your oral hygiene needs, and it’s available in stores everywhere.

SmartMouth does cost a bit more, but it’s clinically proven technology that actually works.

To find a retailer, get a money-saving coupon or learn more about the science behind bad breath, visit now.

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Last modified: December 13, 2018

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