Do You Know What Medicines Are Safe for Your Child?



We’ve all been there: when your young child is sick and suffering miserably with symptoms like a raw, runny nose, hacking cough, uncomfortable congestion or fever, you can feel helpless and even scared.

You want to help your child feel better, but it’s frustratingly difficult to know which medicines are truly safe to give a young child. The official warnings about the safety of over-the-counter medications for children keep changing, and what your doctor says sometimes contradicts the labels.

One thing, however, is clear: you would do whatever you can to help them stay healthy. Unfortunately, when you have a sick child, you simply have too few options to safely support delicate, developing young immune systems.

The Safe, Drug-Free Option You’ve Been Waiting For

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One company has recently introduced a new way to safely, naturally infuse essential minerals and immune-boosting antioxidants into the water your child already needs to drink. Santevia developed the Power Pouch with Immune Support for children six months and older. It is 100% drug-free and offers a convenient and effective way to re-introduce the healthy minerals most water loses through standard filtration and bottling.

Santevia Power Pouch adds immune-supporting antioxidants, like hydrogen and zinc, plus minerals that your growing child needs, like calcium and magnesium. And by giving their developing immune systems extra support, you could be helping them fight off sickness in the first place – or recover faster when they’re sick.

The product looks like a tea bag and works similarly. You simply place the Power Pouch into your child’s water bottle, and in about a minute, Santevia naturally turns their drinking water into a better-tasting source of healthier, immune-boosting hydration.

Not only does Santevia add important immune-supporting nutrients to water, but the Power Pouch also reduces harmful chlorine by up to 99%. This allows you to easily enhance the flavor of your child’s water while introducing the health benefits of alkaline mineralization.

Also, Santevia Power Pouch is reusable, boosting up to 20 bottles of water with each Pouch. It’s a safe, affordable and effective way to naturally turn the water your child drinks every day into the immune support they need to stay healthy.

Learn more about Santevia Power Pouch with Immune Support at and buy it today at your local  .

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Last modified: December 14, 2018

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