If You’re Creeped Out by Facebook, Here Are the Settings to Check


Facebook still feels pretty creepy at times. You’ll be talking about something, then an ad for that thing will pop up in your news feed or on Instagram. It might be all in our heads. After telling a friend how dusty my apartment was a few weeks ago, I got an ad for an air purifier. What’s the most likely explanation? I noticed the ad because I was complaining about dust? Or Facebook has bugged my apartment?

Still, when I wrote about my experiences being hyper-targeted by Facebook after limiting ad tracking, many people shared their own eerie coincidences. Others said they’d tried everything–going so far as to contact the company–and still saw ads that were reminders of painful life experiences.

Even when you try to keep up with all the settings (which I’ll help you with below), the settings themselves keep changing. Just this past weekend, we…

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Last modified: March 8, 2019

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