The Tiny Molecule That Could Change Your Life


Hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant element in the universe. Our sun and the stars are made of hydrogen. Until recently, science did not understand the profound health effects of this tiny molecule.

It is all about oxidative stress. Everything we do requires energy. Energy production causes the formation of free radicals as the “exhaust” of this energy production process. Those free radicals are responsible for oxidative stress in our bodies. Just like rust is the oxidation of iron, we can think of oxidative stress causing us to “rust” from the inside out. Inflammation also creates free radicals which cause oxidative stress, leading to a number of problems including joint and muscle pain, brain fog, and even higher blood sugar levels.

Enter molecular hydrogen, or H2. When we consume H2, it quickly permeates every tissue in the body. It can do this because it is a tiny molecule. H2Max works to optimize the oxidative stress in our bodies, returning us to a state of homeostasis by reducing the harmful free radicals, thereby reducing the damage and pain caused by inflammation.

H2Max is a supplement you may not have heard of, but in other parts of the world, many people rely on it daily. One brand, for sale in the U.S., is finally bringing hope and relief to those who suffer with painful inflammation. H2Max™ Molecular Hydrogen is the only supplement shown in in-silico studies to reduce the production of COX2, a pivotal enzyme that causes inflammation. H2Max does this with none of the dangerous side effects of pain relief drugs.*  This is why H2Max consistently gets 5-star reviews from users.

Anti-inflammatory drugs work by inhibiting the COX2 enzyme which contributes to inflammation. However, H2Max downregulates this COX2 enzyme, thereby preventing inflammation. H2Max also interrupts the pain-signaling pathways in the nervous system, reducing the sensation of pain. H2Max is as natural as water and has no known side effects. It also has another amazing advantage; unlike pain medicine, our bodies do not develop a tolerance to H2Max over time. H2Max may enhance anti-inflammatory medications through these mechanisms, and may decrease your need for them. This could lead to better pain control with fewer side effects.

H2Max is helping people like Alan R., a 60-year-old man who coped with chronic pain for decades. Within fifteen minutes of taking two tablets of H2Max in a glass of water, he knew it would transform his life: “…the pain in my joints and muscles was gone. The feeling in my arms and hands was back… It was nothing short of a miracle! I had been prescribed medication and had been taking over-the-counter pain relievers for years. Nothing worked as fast or effectively as H2Max.” 

By taking this powerful molecular hydrogen supplement, you too may be able to reduce your need to take dangerous pain medications and lower your risk for life-threatening side effects. Learn more about molecular hydrogen at Visit now to get your introductory bottle of H2Max for only $29.99.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Last modified: December 10, 2020

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