Want to Lose Belly Fat? New research suggests that a children’s toy might help.


Source:  Psychology Today

Author:  Edward Abramson, Ph.D.

If you’re “thick around the middle,” have a “beer belly,” or plagued by “love handles,” you might have reason to be concerned. It’s well established that all fat is not created equal. Abdominal fat is wrapped around our vital organs: the heart, liver, kidneys, etc. This fat is not just an inert blob but rather it is metabolically active, secreting various hormones that might affect the functioning of these organs. In contrast, subcutaneous fat lying just beneath the skin or […]


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Link:  https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/its-not-just-baby-fat/202006/want-lose-belly-fat

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Last modified: June 12, 2020

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