What Adult ADHD Looks Like


Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a well-known affliction that is characterized by difficulties in impulse control, hyperactivity, and a reduced ability to concentrate for extended periods of time. While it is typically considered to be an issue afflicting children and young adults, a growing body of research has revealed that ADHD does not disappear when one reaches adulthood. It is now estimated that symptoms persist into adulthood for as many as 60 percent of those who are diagnosed with the disorder during childhood.

Unfortunately, because it is so commonly believed that ADHD is something that one simply grows out of, many adults do not seek treatment for the disorder.

The Causes of ADHD 

Genetic factors play a significant role in ADHD. Writing in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, a team of researchers found that, “If one person in a family is diagnosed with ADHD there is a 25%–35% probability that another…

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Last modified: March 21, 2019

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