You Need to Know About This Unheard of Technique for Starting New Habits


They say it takes 21 consecutive days for a new habit to be formed. For those of us who feel like we can’t stick it out for three weeks, these 21 days sound excruciating, especially when we keep using the same old strategies. Phone reminders, fancy apps, willpower — we all use the same tools to make sure we are reminded to keep up with our newly forming habits.

If you’re looking for a more unheard of and potentially easier method for starting a new habit or routine, try shifting your identity.

Sounds extreme, right? No, this does not mean getting a new legal name and moving to a new country. The way you view your identity, it turns out, can have a profound effect on whether or not you will succeed at that new gym, health, or life routine.

James Clear, entrepreneur and author, says the root of “behavior change and building…

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Last modified: May 31, 2018

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