Your Nail Salon’s Dirty Little Secret


Think back to the last time you got your nails done. Do you remember seeing your nail salon properly disinfect the foot spa or basin and tools before using them? Have you ever seen the process take place?

Odds are good your salon may not be following proper cleaning procedures, which could put you at risk for serious fungal infections – a problem that’s surprisingly convenient to take care of with an affordable gel in the nail care aisle.

We’ve all heard similar horror stories. A friend of a friend got a fungal infection under her acrylic nails – and didn’t even know it – and lost all her fingernails. Another woman got a pedicure and ended up with fungus in her toenail beds for years.

In spite of the stories, most women think “Not at my salon!” But sanitization procedures take time, and when there’s a lineup of customers, the first thing to get overlooked is cleanup – especially when guidelines can be strict.

According to government rules, salons should use hospital disinfectant, leaving it on surfaces for a minimum of ten minutes between each use. As for tools, every state has different requirements ranging from using hospital-grade sanitizer to ultrasonic cleaning devices to use of an autoclave.

“Having your nails and cuticles worked on can create small abrasions, creating an opportunity for potential fungal infections on your fingers and toes,” says Dr. Steven Watson, a podiatrist based in Southeastern Michigan. “Unfortunately, infections aren’t visible right away, so you may not notice them until it’s too late. If you have acrylic nails, you may not notice the problem for months.”

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“I see nail salon-related problems daily,” Dr. Watson says. “I tell my patients who visit nail salons to use a topical anti-fungal gel before and after they visit. It’s best to get to the fungus as soon as possible.”

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Last modified: January 31, 2018

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