10 Ways to Determine if You Are Boring


Originally posted to Psychology Today by Barbara Greenberg Ph.D


We all want to be seen and described in many ways. Perhaps, some of us want to be described as interesting. Others want to be described as fun. Many care deeply about being as seen as compassionate and caring. Not a single one of us wants, however, to be characterized as boring. We don’t enjoy being around people who are dull and uninteresting so it certainly makes sense that we don’t want to be members of that club. Most of you would rather be described as anything but boring. Even irritating and annoying seem to be more desirable than boring. So, why is it that we find boring so undesirable?

Think of it this way: It is very painful to be in the presence of people who are dull and lack energy and enthusiasm. So, we in turn […]


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Last modified: May 15, 2019

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