17 Things to Curb Your Anxiety That Don’t Involve Therapy


By: Linda Esposito LCSW for Psychology Today

I can’t think straight!”

“I worry all the time.”

“I’ll never feel calm.”

Anxiety is omnipresent. One may argue that something is wrong if racing thoughts, sleepless nights and tightening in your chest aren’t a part of your identity. It’s almost as if feeling calm is a myth.

Be that as it may, you can get on the right side of inner peace with discipline, creativity, and devotion to intentional acts of calm daily.

Here’s to activities that promote healthy mental health habits without the input from the almighty headshrinker.

1. Memorize the following sentence: “What is a different way of looking at my situation?” Ask yourself this question every time you start to feel overwhelmed. Getting out of habitual patterns of over-reacting to stress and uncertainty is key for regarding yourself as a capable problem-solver.

2. Walk your dog for 30-minutes daily, or go for a hike. Movement is a wonderful metaphor for getting unstuck. Not only […]


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Last modified: September 10, 2019

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