Stuck in a Rut?


By:  Shonda Maralis MSW, LCSW for Psychology Today

After years of my now-17-year-old daughter yearning for a trip to Europe, my husband and I determined this was the summer we’d make her dream a reality. Knowing our 7-year-old would much rather tour the Basketball Hall of Fame than a Spanish cathedral, we decided to divide and conquer—the boys went on an adventure road trip stateside, and the girls headed off to Spain and France.

A few weeks before takeoff—when flights were booked, lodging was secured, and a vague itinerary was set—it dawned on me that the only adult in charge was going to be me. (Cue the gulping sound.) Yes, I know this realization would’ve hit most people[…]


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Last modified: July 24, 2019

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