Back Pain Relief? Yes, It’s Possible.


For back pain sufferers, like me, the thought that anything might actually relieve chronic back pain seems about as believable as finding a unicorn giving CPR to a garden gnome on the sixth Thursday of the month. It is, unfortunately, just something you learn to deal with.

Back pain sufferers simply don’t “roll out of bed” or “go for a nice run.” Every physical activity seems to revolve around the forethought of how is this going to affect my back.

Now, I’ve been dealing with back pain issues for about ten years. And, although I am a physically active man in my early forties, it has really changed my game. Working out, running, or really any activity which involves any form of impact or fast “change of direction” has become a stressful event. In fact, I say that only 85% of my attention is ever focused on the game[…]

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Last modified: April 23, 2018

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