Oral Care Products Ignore the Needs of Seniors


It’s a fact of life as we get older: every senior citizen will experience oral care or dental problems. Some are more common than others, like sensitive teeth and gums, dry mouth and receding gums. For others, it will be more serious oral issues, like gingivitis or periodontal disease.

You may already experience tooth or gum sensitivity. Acid erosion, small cracks and dental work can all weaken teeth, encouraging decay. Receding gums can expose root tissue, and deeper pockets can form between teeth and gums. All of these things can result in more sensitivity.

Another issue is prescription medication use and the dry mouth that results from it. Many seniors take at least a few medications – and hundreds of them are known to cause the dry, sticky, uncomfortable mouth you’re probably familiar with. It’s more than just an unpleasant feeling. Severe and sometimes painful dry mouth can encourage bacterial growth, which can result in more serious conditions (tooth decay, gum disease, gingivitis and so on).

All of these oral issues can be overwhelming to think about. Even though so many of us experience these problems, oral hygiene brands – especially mouthwash companies – have largely ignored seniors and their dental issues.

Case in point: some ingredients in popular mouthwashes, such as alcohol to kill bacteria, may make common age-related problems worse. This can again result in serious consequences. The American Dental Association has linked problems like gingivitis, gum disease, and other oral issues to life-threatening conditions like heart disease and even dementia.

In spite of all these problems – and the fact that our needs are largely being ignored by most companies – there are things you can do to ensure proper oral health. Seniors can start by making a few simple changes to their oral care regimen.

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Finally: A Product Just for Us

Unlike other products, CloSYS oral care has developed an alcohol-free mouth rinse that is perfectly suited for seniors, with special attention placed on sensitive teeth and gums and dry mouth. Dentists and hygienists recommend CloSYS Oral Health Rinse for gentle but effective protection against germs that cause bad breath and plaque, which, untreated, may lead to tartar or even gingivitis.

The patented formula contains Cloral-stan™, which is pH balanced, non-irritating and kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria. At the same time, it primarily leaves alone the healthy bacteria important to digestion and a healthy mouth. Unlike many germ-killing products, CloSYS will not harm cells in the mouth that are essential for healing and maintaining healthy tissues. The rinse can even help alleviate dry mouth.

If you’re over 55 years old, choosing the right oral care products is crucial top reserving your oral and overall health. Dentists recommend alcohol-free CloSYS Oral Health Rinse as an irritation-free part of a senior’s daily oral care routine. Rinse twice a day after brushing and flossing for a healthy, comfortable and fresh mouth.

Learn more about the importance of gentle but effective oral health care at CloSYS.com, or find CloSYS Unflavored Rinse with Flavor Control® or Gentle Mint Rinse at CVS/pharmacy, Walgreens, Walmart or Amazon.

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Last modified: January 31, 2018

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