Probiotic Breakthrough: Science Links Emotions to Gut Bacteria


Have you ever had a “gut feeling” when you’re stressed, anxious or depressed?

There’s good reason. New evidence and several studies, including a clinical study from Oxford University, seem to prove a direct link between your brain and your gut. Researchers are calling it the gut-brain axis.

It’s not what you may be thinking, though. Most people think anxiety leads to gastrointestinal distress – like stomach ache, cramps, diarrhea – but it looks like the opposite may be just as true.

The Oxford study found that having the right healthy bacteria in your intestines (as opposed to the wrong bacteria) can help you cope with stress, anxious feelings and even sadness.

Researchers compared coping responses of subjects that had normal diets to those who ingested specific probiotics. The probiotic users handled stressors dramatically better than subjects that didn’t use probiotics. After more investigation, researchers were able to directly connect the use of probiotics to the stress-coping benefit.

In short, using the right probiotic formula can result in better overall mental and emotional health.

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“For most people, the connection between the gut and brain makes sense,” says Jim Hutz, COO, WR Group, Inc., parent company to Probiogen, a probiotic company known for high quality products. “There is sufficient research connecting your emotional state and stress management to having the correct probiotic bacteria in your GI system. The science is there.”

Despite all the studies – and the 40 million people on some sort of mood altering prescription drug – no major probiotic brand has given emotional balance any attention. That’s why, according to Jim Hutz, Probiogen specifically set out to develop a formula that can help people cope with stress, naturally.

Probiogen Stress & Mood Balance Probiotic combines the correct probiotic strains and herbs with minerals that influence the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. The result is a probiotic formula that can naturally support a healthy stress response and improve focus. It is, by all accounts, a one-of-a-kind probiotic blend.

More information about Probiogen, its ingredients, and its long list of benefits is available online at You can also get Probiogen at select  stores and  in the supplements aisle. Look for the pink and green box.

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Last modified: January 31, 2018

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