8 Amazing Breakthroughs in Diabetes Research That Are Giving Us Hope


According to recent research, we’re not entirely sure how many diseases the label ‘diabetes’ covers. But no matter what causes our bodies to struggle with their blood sugar levels, it’s a serious condition that requires daily care.

Scientists have been working hard to find cures, new treatments, and better management techniques for the millions of people worldwide dealing with diabetes.


Here are some of the latest developments you need to know about.


  1. Insulin producing implants made from stem cells

Clinical trials began last year for testing for ViaCyte’s PEC-Direct device; a credit-card sized implant containing insulin-producing cells derived from stem cells.

Previous research had shown the implants could mature and function inside patients. Together with a cohort of volunteers who started testing in January, the new research should tell us soon whether the technology can help people with type-1 diabetes.


  1. Brand new beta cells

Type 1 diabetes develops…


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Last modified: June 28, 2018

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